History and Ownership

Northlink Insurance Brokers Plc an Insurance Brokerage firm, licensed by National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to render Insurance brokerage services. The Company was incorporated on 23rd October 1989, with the share capital of N100,000,000.00, and a fully paid capital of N76,349,648.00. We have season professionals and modern information technology in place to serve our clients with the best of Insurance brokerage services.


Our responsibilities amongst other include helping our clients to identify insurable risks. On identification, the client decides those it chooses to risks and which to transfer to the underwriter (Insurer). On the latter, we ensure that our client obtain the best available insurance cover for the premium they pay. Though the contract of insurance is strictly between the client and the insurance company, but as professionals, we bring our experience and expertise to bear and speak on equal terms with the Insurance Companies on the underwriting bench.

Why Choose Us ?

The natural business tendency of an insurer dealing directly with an insured is to give minimum cover at maximum cost. We seek to reverse this and ensure that clients have maximum cover at minimum cost. We assist in the presentation and prosecution of claims and can be of invaluable assistance in tipping the scale in favour of clients in cases of contentious claims. We also provide individual services to our clients by regularly reviewing their insurance needs, providing analysis and reports and by paying regular visits to clients’ and keeping update with their requirements. These services are at no extra cost to our clients as our remuneration is by way of commission derivable from the insurance company.

  • Affordable
  • Global Standards
  • Excellent Brokerage Services