Factors to Consider When Choosing Car Insurance with Low Rates

Factors to Consider When Choosing Car Insurance with Low Rates

1. Safety Rating

A car with a good safety rating is, for sure is going to have lower rates, and what makes a safe car are all the gadgets and features the car carries that makes driving safer and easier. These features may include a car with traction control, airbags, automatic seatbelts, lane sensors, and automatic wipers.

In this case, the gadget-less car does not win the insurance game. So, if you are yet to buy a car or you are considering changing your car, it’s important you are fully aware of the kind of car to buy so that the cost of insuring it won’t eat into your pocket.

2. Vehicle Size

Larger cars have greater ability to withstand accidents, so if you purchase a car with a little more size your insurance rates will go down.

The engine size is taken into consideration, however, so if your car is an enormous and extremely powerful V8 you won’t be making any insurance savings. If you were to choose between a small car and a large car with the same safety rating, the large car would be cheaper to insure.

If you are among the novice who might still want to know how a vehicle size can affect their car insurance rate, I advise that you consult with a Northlink insurance agents for detailed explanation and get resources you might need to make a better decision when getting a car.

3. Likelihood of Theft

Unfortunately, some cars are more appealing to thieves and easier to break-in than others which can be hard to predict, but again, security gadgets or features in some car may help you out.

If you have good locks and alarm systems your insurance will go down. You may also speak with our agents to help you with a list of car types that rank higher in our records for most theft or easy to be stolen.

Good locks and alarm systems reduce the tendency of your car being stolen, they also influence your car insurance rates by lowering it.

4. Age of vehicle

 In this situation, it is the clean, fresh cars with the new car smell that is going to have the lower insurance rates.

A newer car is less likely to be wrecked in a collision and will, therefore, have less collision repair costs.

Taking all those factors into account you can see that it’s possible to have a great car whilst making smart economic/financial decisions and driving down insurance rates. Choose a younger, fresher car, with plenty of space and some nice gadgets to go along with it. You’ll enjoy both a great ride and great insurance rates.

Other Common Factors that Influence Car Insurance Rates

  • Driving record
  • Age of the one going to drive the car. If the car is to be driven by a younger person, the insurance rate will be higher.
  • Gender of the one to drive the car also influences the rate.
  • The city where the car will be driven also affects the car insurance rates. Places like Lagos, Portharcourt, Aba, etc with higher population density always have inflated rates.
  • Claims history
  • Your previous insurance coverage also plays a key role.


Considering these factors alone are not the only ways to save money on your car insurance. You will need to also contact Northlink Insurance Agent in your city to find more about cheaper quotes. Our live chats are also available to keep you connected to an agent on the go.

You can also leave a comment in any area you might need clarity and we will gladly resolve your case. Also don’t forget to share this article so others can gain from it.

How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need?

How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need?

Avoiding auto insurance coverage is trending these days. In fact, many insurance experts believe it’s a smart way to save money. Sure, it is. This is unarguable as the slow economy has made it likely that almost everyone should think that way.

Till this day car owners still ask; “How much auto insurance do I really need?”

This is an open-ended question as we can’t say specifically that this is the exact amount of auto insurance you pay as they are many factors that influence your auto insurance rate, especially if you are resident in Nigeria.

But if when you decide to scrap your insurance coverage down, it increases your chances of losing out big time in the event of an accident. That goes to show that you gain to save more money by paying for full coverage.

The amount of liability coverage you need varies. While some require you buy coverage for the potential medical expenses of passengers in the form of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, others don’t. Because some insurance brokers do not enforce higher limits does not mean you should not carry them.

Many have asked if they will still need Bodily Injury Coverage. The answer is, Yes! Most companies recommend limits per person and per accident. Contact our brokers here to learn more about Bodily Injury Coverage or to understand what cover best works for you but be advised that you need an Auto insurance if you don’t have one yet.

Come to think of it, what will life look like for you to be injured in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver? Can you afford to miss months of work without any compensation for your lost salaries and injuries?

A combination of PIP, Medical Payments and Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage will ensure you are not left holding the bag should you be seriously injured.

If you are considering cutting your car insurance expenses, collision and comprehensive are the best targets. But you also need to know that you cannot cut coverage if you leased out your car or if it was bought on a loan.

Leave your questions or any area in you might need clarity in the comment area and we will be glad to resolve your need and keep you smilling when you drive.